Happy 2018!

We are offering accent modification for all accents! Call 704-845-1605 and ask for Margaret. Lessons offered in our office or virtually. Space is limited so call now.


Video Lessons COMING SOON

Our lessons are designed to give you a quick tutorial on individual sounds. These videos provide a framework to enable you to produce some sounds that are key in American English. It is helpful to look into a mirror to monitor yourself while practicing. It is also beneficial if you are able to record yourself, so that you can hear how you sound.

If you decide you’d like to work directly with a trainer, either in person or virtually, please give our office a call and we’ll be happy to help you get started with modifying your accent, to your desired degree. We can be reached at 704-845-1605 or info@modifymyaccent.com.

We will soon offer online video lessons for use anytime, anywhere. Please check back for the launch of our accent modification video lesson series.

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