Accent Modification Programs for Your Employees

Employees are an investment your company makes in itself. From recruiting to onboarding to continuous professional development, giving the best and the brightest the tools to improve their skills and performance is a constant undertaking in all of the most successful organizations. While a great deal of this investment is made in specific skill training related to their job function, oftentimes soft-skill training can be overlooked. If you have client-facing employees in your company who impress you every day with their ingenuity, skills, and new ideas, but could benefit from improved communication skills, we can help. In fact, clear communication is vital internally as well, making any candidate with a heavy accent a great candidate for our program.

Our licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in improving English pronunciation for improved communication. Our accent modification program is proven to help reduce accents for speakers of any native language no matter how strong their accent. We guarantee your employee will reduce their accent by 50% by the end of their customized accent reduction program.

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Group Accent Modification Classes

At Carolina Speech Services we provide custom accent reduction programs for people of all professions. If you have a group of employees who could all benefit from our accent modification program, please call us to find out if your group is eligible for a group class at a discounted rate. While each person’s needs are unique if you have a group of individuals with the same native language and at similar levels in their English speaking skills, we may be able to conduct a group class. Call today to discuss your specific needs with one of our knowledgeable staff at (704) 845-1605.

Did you know accent modification is a professional development write-off?

As with any investment you make in your business, you can write off the expense. We’ll provide the necessary documentation with your first invoice so you can take full advantage of this benefit for your valued employees. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us (704) 845-1605.