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We are offering accent modification for all accents! Call 704-845-1605 and ask for Margaret. Lessons offered in our office or virtually. Space is limited so call now.

Accent reduction assessment

Our accent modification program is designed to help you improve your spoken communication. Whether your goal is for accent reduction, to increase your confidence in speaking clearly, to learn an English accent, to speak English like an American, or to enhance your communications with your peers, clients, or supervisors, our program is designed to help you.

newsletter-pic8The first step in our program is for you to use our free, online accent screening tool. Just click on the LET US REVIEW YOUR ACCENT link. After one of our staff members reviews your assessment, we will contact you with your results. During the initial phone call, we will review the results of your online screening. We will ask questions to find out what you want to accomplish through our program and we discuss how accent modification training may help you.

If you decide to sign up for our training, the next step will be an in-depth evaluation with one of our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) to determine how you produce sounds that are used when speaking English. This evaluation will also look at other areas that impact your speech including rate, phrasing, and intonation. The results of this evaluation will be used to prepare a training program based on your individual needs. The results will also determine the length of your recommended training program. Most clients will require a 12-week training program. For those clients who are native English speakers with a regional dialect or those clients with a very mild accent, a 7-week training program may be recommended.

How our training works

Your training will be based on decades of research in speech, articulation, and accent modification. You will receive a notebook that is individually created for you based on the results of your evaluation. You will also receive an audio recorder containing words and sentences for you to practice with. During the training, we will create additional lists to practice that include words that are important for you based on your profession or area of study along with words that are particularly difficult for you to pronounce.

nesletter-pic4Once a week, for the next 7 or 12 weeks, you will meet for your training session with one of our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. The training sessions will include practice of sounds in words, sentences and passages. As your training continues, sessions will also include practice in conversation. Part of the program includes daily practice outside of the training sessions to maximize your results.

At the end of the program, we will re-assess your speech and provide you with printed results of your re-assessment, to show you your level of improvement. We guarantee at least a 50% improvement based on this re-evaluation.

Also, at the end of the program, you can continue to use the training notebook and audio recordings for continued practice, so that you can continue your improvement in mastering spoken English, and make your accent more understandable. We also offer additional training sessions or extra practice during short phone sessions at a reduced rate for those clients who feel they need additional one-on-one practice.

Through accent reduction training, countless people from various backgrounds have improved their spoken English, gained more self-confidence, and even experienced career advancements. To learn if accent modification can help you, please take our free, online accent screening tool. Just click the LET US REVIEW YOUR ACCENT link.

** Remote Services are available for those that are not in the Charlotte, NC area.

Please feel free to visit our office in Charlotte, NC or Davidson, NC, or contact us, for more information on our successful accent modification(reduction) program.