Satisfaction Guaranteed Accent Modification

At Carolina Speech Services, we are confident our Speech Language Pathologists’ experience and skills can assist you with your accent modification goals. With years of experience, working with native speakers of many different languages, we have the tools and talent to give you techniques for reducing your accent.

Along with having the most talented SLPs, our training programs are based on techniques in voice, articulation, speech, and language. Using a customized platform we can reduce accents as much as 80%.  

We create a completely customized training program based on an initial analysis of your speech. With our customized approach, we can address specific speech patterns with relevant practice materials centered on the sounds that are most important to your specific accent reduction goals.

With at-home practice using our digital recorder tool, our SLP’s can view your progress outside of training sessions to assist you in adjusting your technique as you practice. With full participation in the recommended frequency for practice, we know you’ll be satisfied with the results by the end of your custom accent modification program.

We offer an “iron-clad” guarantee.

We provide a reevaluation at the end of the program for measuring your success. Hearing is believing, and you will be astonished at the difference between the first and last recordings. If you do not achieve at least 50% reduction in your accent, with full compliance in recommended practice, and full completion of your customized program, we will be happy to issue you a full refund.

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