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We are offering accent modification for all accents! Call 704-845-1605 and ask for Margaret. Lessons offered in our office or virtually. Space is limited so call now.

Who uses accent modification training?

Although various individuals have used accent modification training, most people who seek to reduce their accents are those who do not speak English as a first language (ESL), and individuals with regional dialects (e.g., Southern).

Within these groups, people from all walks of life and various professionals have sought accent modification, including employees from Fortune 500 companies to small business owners to everyone in between.

Accent modification has been used by:

  • accountants
  • students
  • physicians
  • professional athletes
  • attorneys
  • engineers
  • sales professionals
  • college instructors
  • call-center employees
  • actors
  • broadcasters
  • and many others who have desired to improve the clarity of their spoken American English…

Proven Technology Improves Pronunciation by 50% or More

Under the direct guidance of a speech-language pathologist (commonly known as a “speech therapist”), our training programs are based on techniques in voice, articulation, speech, and language. In addition, we also use our revised program based the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language Program (Compton P-ESL), which has been shown to reduce accents by up to 50%. The Compton P-ESL Program has been utilized for decades in helping speakers reduce their accents. Our program is designed to help speakers of any language improve pronunciation of American English.

Because every person’s speech pattern is different, each program we offer is fully customized based on your unique speech goals and needs. With such individualized attention to detail, you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible instruction from our staff.

What to expect with our accent modification training?

  • A recording of your speech, which we will use to analyze your speech patterns, your accent, and certain sounds that you may need to learn and unlearn.
  • An initial interview with one of our staff members, so we can learn about your speech needs
  • A speech-language screening, to determine if you have an undetected communication disorder
  • Your own completely customized training program based on detailed analysis of your speech.
  • Detailed practice exercises on digital recorder, which are designed to speed up your learning of new skills
  • An instruction manual containing your speech analysis and scripts to use for recording practice materials (your “homework” exercises)
  • An additional recording and booklet of additional practice words that you feel are especially important for your needs and goals
  • Twelve hours of one-on-one, individualized instruction or seven hours of one-one, individualized instruction in accent reduction
  • A recorded reevaluation at the conclusion of the program to measure your success
  • A self-study program at the end of the program, to continue your improvement (for more information, see our OVERVIEW page)

Available Training Programs

  • 12-week Individual Training Program: For individuals with very strong accents who need close professional attention and guidance, or for those who wish to work on specific goals

    • 12 one-hour weekly classes with flexible scheduling
    • weekly home assignments using the digital recorder and implementing new speaking skills in to your everyday life
  • 7-week Individual Training Program: For individuals with very mild foreign accents or native English speakers with regional USA dialects

    • 7 one-hour weekly classes with flexible scheduling
    • weekly home assignments using the digital recorder and implementing new speaking skills in to your everyday life

Our “iron-clad” guarantee

If you are not impressed with the training for any reason, or if you do not feel that the training will assist you, let us know immediately at the end of your first session. Your entire tuition will be refunded.

Lori and I have worked together to reduce my accent. My problem was I couldn’t correctly pronounce certain vowels, and some consonants in certain positions. I also tend to speak English too fast. Lori helped me to correct these issues in creative ways. I met a friend recently who I haven’t talked to for a year or so and she immediately noticed my improvements.

Please feel free to visit our office in Charlotte, NC or Davidson, NC, or contact us, for more information on our successful accent reduction program.