Accent Modification Services in Charlotte

Carolina Speech Services is your best choice for Charlotte accent reduction training. From Ballantyne to Matthews, to Uptown, the Charlotte area is a booming city, attracting transplants from around the world. Our customized accent modification courses are designed to help you improve your spoken American English communication skills. Our licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists will use an initial evaluation to custom build your program specific to your current speech patterns. We’ll look at the variety of factors that impact your speech to provide a recommended program specific to your needs. Improved communication skills can give you added confidence for work and socials settings.

Charlotte Accent Reduction Program

You’ll receive weekly accent modification lessons with one of our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Your teacher will provide you with a practice notebook created just for you, including words and sentences that fit your industry and lifestyle as well as words that are most challenging. You’ll also receive a recording device with words and sentences to practice as well as our online practice program allowing for feedback from your therapist between sessions. You’ll be expected to practice outside of the accent reduction training sessions to maximize your results.

We provide a re-assessment at the end of the program to show your level of improvement. Through accent modification training you can improve your spoken American English no matter what your first language might be. If you think accent modification lessons might be right for you, please learn more here or call us today at (704) 845-1605.

Our in-person Charlotte accent modification lessons are held in our Ballantyne office by appointment only.